Custom Pen Turning in Nicholasville, KY

Celebrate your special occasion with a custom woodworking gift from JTF Creations. We’re a wood shop located in Nicholasville, KY. Our owner, James Fetters, has been a woodworker for many years. His passion for taking on specialty woodworking projects led to him starting our business. Whether you want a custom engraved pen or a special river table, we can create a wide array of custom woodworking products.

view of my workshop

The Beginning of JTF Creations

Our custom woodworking business was founded in 2016. James Fetters, our founder, began taking classes at Woodcraft®, a retail store that offers premium woodworking materials and beginner programs. He learned how to turn pens using a lathe. Intrigued with this method of woodworking, he bought his own lathe and accessories and began turning pens at home. 

A Growing Passion

James loved turning pens so much that after talking to a pastor from his church, he wants to start a non-profit custom woodworking organization for children that would teach them the basics of woodworking. James believes that woodworking is not only a hobby but also an inspirational trade. 

First three Ink Pen Kits ever done by JTF Creations. First one was done for the owners wife. This kit is Cigar with a pink acrylic. Second is also a Cigar kit with Rose Wood and the third is a Wallstreet II kit with Cherry wood.  

two custom pens

Custom Creations

Whether it’s a birthday or a special anniversary, a customized gift is endearing. By offering laser engraving, JTF Creations can add nicknames, humorous inside jokes, special dates, and more to your custom woodworking product. Adding that personal touch will mean a lot to your special someone.

High-Quality Wood

We take pride in using durable, high-quality woods, including maple and walnut as well as exotic woods like bocote. By using strong woods like maple and walnut, we can guarantee aesthetically pleasing products that will last longer.
Custom Pens

Start Your Personalized Product

Are you thinking of ways to surprise your loved one? JTF Creations is happy to help you create a special gift. Call us today with your ideas and we’ll give you a quote. 

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